Spike in gun sales across East Texas

Spike in Gun Sales across East Texas

LONGVIEW, Texas (KLTV) - A combination of factors is driving up the sale of firearms in East Texas.

Talk from some lawmakers about more ‘gun control measure’, and even ‘stimulus checks’, have gun shops doing great business.

A new shipment of guns and supplies has come in to ‘Arl-La-Tex’ guns in Gilmer. But owner Logan Green says they won’t be in stock for long.

“We’ve been getting guns in, we put them out on the shelf and before we can get them into the case they sell,” he says.

Pistols and rifles are selling double, even triple normal sales.

“Sales have increased 100 percent,” Green says.

“About 80-percent of firearms that are sold throughout the day are new customers that we have to add to our computer system,” says Rainie Tucker of ‘Sportsman’s Outfitters’ in Longview.

What’s driving this is a combination.

First, talk from Washington about more restrictive gun control measures.

Every time there’s even a hint of gun control, the traditional response is sales go through the roof.

“It does bring fear and people come in and try to buy as much as they can,” Tucker says.

Secondly, the stimulus. Some are using the entire check to buy guns, many for the first time.

“There’s a lot of people with extra money in their pocket and feel the need for an AR-15 or self defense weapon,” Rainie says.

“Stimulus checks, we got first time buyers coming in here spending all kinds of money,” Green says.

The problem with shortages of ammunition continue, but that’s not stopping buyers.

“We’re selling them before we can get them in the showcase,” Logan says.

As with all firearm sales, the buyer must fill out a form ’4473′ and pass a background check.

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