Tyler restaurant giving out free daiquiris, appetizers to fully vaccinated people

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Updated: Mar. 31, 2021 at 11:21 PM CDT
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TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - Flavors Daiquiri Cafe in Tyler is trying to encourage the East Texas community to get vaccinated and is using free food to do so.

The restaurant plans on giving out a free daiquiri or appetizer to anyone that comes in and shows them a fully vaccinated card. Courtney Esteen, the restaurants’ owner, says they are doing this because they want to give the East Texas community an extra incentive to get the vaccine.

“There is so much doubt surrounding the virus and the shot and everything that is going on I think that the more that we do as business to do our part and kind of give incentives and show people that hey we are taking the virus serious,” said Esteen.

The restaurant, which is black-owned, wants to especially spread awareness to the black community to go out and get vaccinated. Esteen has heard family and friends question the safety of the vaccine due the country’s history of medical mistreatment of black people. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation only eight percent of vaccinations in the state of Texas have been African-Americans compared to 48 percent white and 28 percent Hispanic. Esteen hopes to set an example to increase that percentage.

“I think that if I can show that hey I got vaccinated, I am a business owner so I know a lot of customers, a lot of people come through here then maybe I can help someone change their mind to think about getting vaccinated,” said Esteen.

Whether its changing someone’s mind or rewarding someone Esteen just wants to help influence as many people as possible to get vaccinated.

“A free drink or a free appetizer is a small part of what the vaccination does, it saves your life and those around you so it is just a little bitty thing to say hey thank you for doing your part as a fellow American, to get vaccinated,” said Esteen.

Flavors Daiquiri Cafe plans on giving out coupons for the foreseeable future as more people get fully vaccinated.


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