SMART Tag system launches at Nacogdoches ISD

SMART Tag system launches at Nacogdoches ISD

NACOGDOCHES, Texas (KTRE) - SMART tag is an easy added step for Brooks Quinn jJones Elementary children in Nacogdoches.

“Place it on there. Name pops up. Andrea. Ok. Have a seat. Alright. Good job,” praised bus driver Donald Lacy.

A computerized tag helps drivers monitor their bus riders.

“It helps maintain and manage the children that are on the bus. Ensure that no one has left from the bus inadvertently,” said Lacy.

And gives LaMarcus Wallace, the district’s Smart Tag coordinator, peace of mind.

“So, by having the SMART Tag system I can see in real time thru GPS where a student is located, where they were loaded on the bus, as well as where they got off the bus,” explained Wallace.

And eventually Parent Portal will be launched.

“They will get a message that will let them know if the bus is on a minor delay. If you’re on a major delay. Also most importantly when the bus is 15 minutes from their home.”

And away from home the system will have its benefits, according to Stacy Lampkin, transportation director.

“The SMART Tag program will be used on field trips, athletic programs, any time a school bus leaves Nacogdoches.”

A mapping service will be useful for new and substitute drivers. And yes, drivers will be monitored in real time.

“I can see the route that they’re driving. I can even see the speed they’re driving,” said Wallace.

Administrators say the monitoring system is protecting drivers and riders. Accountability is important when there’s precious cargo on board.

The initial cost of safe tag is $104,513, with an annual cost of about $17,000. SMART tag will be on all 40 busses by next month.

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