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Troubles continue for Lon Morris College

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Students receiving government money may not be able to use it to attend Lon Morris College.

During a hearing August 20 in Tyler Bankruptcy Court, the Department of Education said students can no longer direct their federal aid to Lon Morris College through their website or their Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) paperwork.

According to court transcriptions, the Department Of Education stated that any institution that declares bankruptcy is ineligible for federal aid. Lon Morris College said that the law says they may use the funds even though they are ineligible.

In the meantime, students are beginning to move into their dorms preparing for the first semester. Jessica Wood stuck with Lon Morris through all their difficulties, and will stay with them even if they can't accept her federal aid.

"I would have come up with the money somehow. I wasn't ready to leave yet. This is like family. They've treated me awesome here, so I stuck through it," Jessica said.

Lon Morris officials did not want to comment. They said that there would be a statement made once this case is over.

Lon Morris College Dean David Hubbard spoke with us off camera and said their attorneys advised they make no comment at this time.

Most of Lon Morris' students do receive some kind of federal aid.

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