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ETMC Cancer Institute Celebrates Giving

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Picture 1 - Elmer G. Ellis, Dr. Joseph Selman and Dick Higginbotham celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ETMC Cancer Institute during a special event in December.  Higginbotham was the first administrator of the institute.

Picture 2 - Dr. James Kolker, Wayne Poindexter and Dr. Arielle Lee were honored with a plaque at the ETMC Cancer Institute.  Mr. Poindexter created a fund to assist patients with cancer after his wife Mary died of pancreatic cancer.  Dr. Kolker and Dr. Lee treated his wife before her death. Poindexter has also pledged $5 million in an estate gift to fund a new cancer wing at ETMC Tyler with construction beginning in 2008. 

Picture 3 - LaNell Fomby and Robyn Rogers admire handheld bells given to all cancer patients who complete their treatment at the ETMC Cancer Institute.  A new bell in the lobby of the cancer institute is named after Rogers who beat breast cancer in 2000. Fomby was the first current patient to ring the bell as she completed her treatment for ovarian cancer.

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