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A Better East Texas: Traditional Values

Most east Texans have what I consider traditional American values. If you find  yourself in this group then you have also found your values being attacked on a regular basis.

 We've become a fractured, angry country. It seems that every special interest group and hollywood star imaginable is getting public and media attention asking our values to play second fiddle to their unique interests and feelings. 

 Its easy to place blame on elected officials and get angry at special interest groups. But the real blame may fall on you. After all, all they're doing is exercising the rights provided by this great country. 

  If you are a self proclaimed member of the silent majority what have you done to make sure your voice has been heard? If those with traditional values would have the same passion and initiative as some of these special interests groups we would create a better east Texas. And while we're on this subject one viewer pointed out an error in a commentary I did on global warming.

In that commentary I referred to an expert who refutes global warming as the president of one of the most prestigious environmental firms. John Coleman is not in fact the president of an environmental firm but he is a respected meteorologist who co-founded the weather channel. No media is perfect, including me, and I'm grateful for viewers who get involved in public debate.

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