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A Better East Texas: Christmas

The Christmas season needs to be a reminder of the sacrifices made by others for our benefit. Within the last six months I lost a sister and a grandmother.

Both ladies had a strong faith and they lived a life of serving others, especially those they loved. And I was one of the beneficiaries. Following their death I looked back on the lifetime I spent with them and came to the empty realization that I was doing more taking than giving. Now don't get me wrong, they realized I loved them but my expressions of it and my service towards it left me with more of a debt to them than a credit.

I also realized there will be two less warm, smiling faces to greet me this Christmas season. But now I've decided I'm going to be the warm, smiling face to greet the rest of my family. So I ask you this...how does your debts and credits stack up with those who love you?

Over the next couple of weeks you will most likely have an opportunity to thank and serve those who have been there for you this past year or maybe for a lifetime. Take advantage of this opportunity to tell them how much you love them and the impact they have had on your life. I've never met a person yet who didn't appreciate hearing it.

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