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A Better East Texas: Viewer Comments On School Board Policies

A couple of viewers took exception to my comments about the parents of a 5 year old whose ponytail violated school policy.

The first one writes, "Once again, the commentaries run on your station exhibited a lack of concern for civil rights.   The action of the school district clearly violates the civil rights act of 1964 and all subsequent legislation. This boy is being discriminated against because he is a boy with a pony tail (not a girl). .. There should have been an immediate demand for this rule to be rescinded by the school board and in the alternative, to involve the aclu and proceed with litigation against the school district, its board, and superintendant.  

And another states, "To disrespect a parent who is trying to do what they think is right is just wrong... Why have a rule about the hair at all? Try to explain why the rule is there in the first place?  Is it there for safety, discipline, or why? 

Although I dont completely agree with these folks i respect their opinion and I do appreciate them taking the time to write. I encourage you to write me anytime by going to our website, kltv.com, clicking the community section and then "A better east texas." all letters I receive are posted there as is an easy way for you to write me directly at a better east texas at kltv.com.

Viewer Comments:

In regards to the little boy with the pony tail.  Although I somewhat agree that the length of hair on a boy doesn't have much to do with the education of him, I still believe that rules set by the school should be followed to teach discipline.  What about the other 100's of students.  It seems they follow the rules and are attending school.  Why only one has to challenge a rule that has clearly been in place in our schools for as far back as I can remember.  Allowing one to get away with a pretty trivial situation  can just cause further problems where others will try to challenge anything and everything.  Come on, parents need to help enforce the discipline in our schools, not fight them.  Remember, it starts at home to teach the child the rilght things.  Let's try to put the discipline back in schools and support our teachers..

~Roy Roach

'Rapunzel' - Regarding the boy emulating his father with a pony-tail; that's OK at home, in your yard, where you make the rules. When you enter another's yard and home you must respect their rules, which may differ from yours. Since the beginning of time long hair identifies women, short hair men; even the Bible teaches that concept (I Corinthians 11:14-15), written in 55 AD. School dress codes have been in effect many generations, and violators have been disciplined. What's the problem? Comply with the rules like the rest of us, petition the school board to change their rules, or find another school without rules. Home-schooling may solve your recalcitrance.

While in our yard, play by our rules, or play by your own set of rules elsewhere.
~L.G. Farquer

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