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A Better East Texas:Appreciate Your Church Pastor

It was a tragic story a few weeks ago when a minister's wife was convicted of killing her husband. Although her story was extreme it brought to light the unique stresses faced by the families committed to serving our emotional and spiritual needs.

Over 85% of east Texans claim to attend church on a regular basis. We tend to place our spiritual leaders on pedestals and set high expectations for their behavior. Their spouses are expected to meet the same standards. Yet they are the ones who are isolated as the minister cares for their congregants.  According to Newsweek magazine recent research indicates that 80% of pastor's wives feel left out, unappreciated and under qualified. A survey by Focus on the Family found that 88 percent have experienced depression.

Churches are one of the foundations to the value system that make this a better east Texas.

The next time you want to thank your pastor for his service I would suggest you ask him, or her, what you can do to help their spouse.

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