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A Better East Texas: Supporting Military Families

There has been considerable debate the last two weeks about local schools not recognizing Memorial Day. But the classroom and the military story that struck me the most is the one about an Iraq veteran who upon returning home recently decided to surprise his 6 year old son in his classroom.

That story is a reminder to all of us that there are some little folks out there who are paying a big price for the protection of our country.  I know east Texans well enough to know that you want to support families like this. And there may be some in your community that you don't know about. So next week I'll be announcing a plan on how we at KLTV will help you locate them and make this a better east Texas. Stay tuned


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I loved seeing this soldier go to his sons classroom.  Thank you for having it on the news.  It was wonderful.

We really do need to support our soldiers and their familes.  I believe that we do a pretty good job of it, but could always do better.  

There should be something special for the little ones because they don't understand war.  They just know that mommy and/or daddy is gone and they miss them.

Marlene Horn


I'm a strong supporter because my son Pfc.Sammy Thompson and his wife Spc.Debbie Thompson are both in the Army station in Kileen. I would like to thank you all for your surpport on are troops. People like you make it easy for the parents of these troops to make it from day to day. Because we have PRAYING warriors believing in our love ones.

Edye McGee


Your station is part of a larger problem. Where are the flag draped covens. Where are the stories about the soldiers who have come and killed themselves. The mental illness that is destroying soldiers and their families. Show the troops without legs and arms. American will not stand up to Bush until they see the whole story. Bush and his people dropped the ball. They lied to get this war then screwed it up beyond belief. I don't hear about the impeachment rally's that are taking place all over the nation. You don't let the man who messed up a project or who embezzled to fix the problem. He is the problem.

You know a lot about personal attacks. But it is a fact that your station has a lot more stories supporting the war than telling the whole story. Supporting there troops is great. But telling the truth about the President is supporting them even more.

Submitted by ~IINFINITII1

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