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Spring Into Shape: Hot Yoga Thursday!

Twenty-six postures, two breathing exercises, all done in a heated room with high humidity. It's time for our Thursday Spring into Shape segment. And the focus? Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga is practiced in a room heated to a 105 degrees with a humidity of 40%.
The 90-minute session is specific, with the same techniques and postures done each time.

"It's good for weight loss, women it's good for your hormones, your sleeping, your skin, you just feel amazing," says hot yoga participator Donna Beasley.

The owner of Bikram Yoga in Tyler, Rachel Hudson, says the hot yoga can be done by anyone, including beginners.

"It doesn't seem like a beginner class, but everyone can do it, we have everyone from, our oldest student is 72 years-old," says Hudson.

Each position that is held takes an enormous amount of focus to hold, especially under the circumstances.

Bikram Yoga was found in India, in the 1950's, and can now be found around the world.
Most of the students say that the hot yoga helps them prevent and heal their injuries.

"I think if you tried it, you would find that it really helps your back, it helps your body. It helps you cleanse yourself and really feel good about yourself," says hot yoga participator Wayne Brower.

Bikram Yoga is known to help with flexibility, strength and balance, but with it comes a great deal of focus and ambition.

"It's still a challenge, I still don't have the postures down, it's very hard. It's the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life," says Beasley.

Hudson says anyone can do Bikram Yoga, and it can actually help those with medical problems such as asthma.

"This actually helps with asthma and helps with the respiratory system. We have two breathing exercises, one that gets you ready for class, and it expands the lung, improves lung capacity. And then a detoxification breathing exercise at the end of class," says Hudson.

Bikram Yoga is holding a free yoga session at the Rose Rudman Park this Saturday at 12 p.m., and they are also having a "Bring your mom for free" on Mothers Day.

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