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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - There are certain road signs that we are used to seeing written right there on the street. "MERGE" is one of them. But does it still count if that road sign is misspelled? We had a very observant KLTV 7 viewer send us a picture with that question.

What was supposed to read "MERGE" somehow ended up as "MREGE" this afternoon. And people who saw it, did not really know what to think.

"Actually, that is one of my pet peeves, is not being able to spell," said Aaron Carter, a Tyler resident.

"M-R-E-G-E, really? It should have an accent," he laughed.

His friend Kyle Cafourek did not notice at first until we pointed it out.

"Oh, it's missing an "e"! I don't know think drivers will know what to do," Cafourek said.  

Sure enough, just a few hours later, the contracting company sent a crew out to add that crucial "e".

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