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Gov. Perry speaks at 2011 Texas Emergency Management Conference

AUSTIN, TX – Gov. Rick Perry today thanked first responders and emergency management officials for their efforts to protect fellow Texans' lives, property and livelihood from the threat of natural disasters. The governor spoke at the 2011 Texas Emergency Management Conference, which is hosted by the Texas Division of Emergency Management.

"Few states face the variety and severity of threats we face in Texas, but we've assembled a first-rate team to deal with emergencies here in Texas," Gov. Perry said. "This conference builds on our planning and training efforts to determine how to further refine our plans, implement new technologies and learn from our experiences of the past year to ensure we have the best preparations in place to respond to an emergency in Texas."

In addition to ensuring the state has a thorough plan in place to address potential threats, the governor noted that maintaining the state's Rainy Day Fund is important to keeping Texas financially prepared to address any unforeseen emergencies. The governor urged the Legislature to continue adopting policies and principles that will strengthen Texas and keep the state prepared to deal with disasters and other emergencies in the future.

"Texas' efforts to prepare at all levels for disasters have helped save countless lives and ensured the state has the proper resources and procedures in place to respond to any emergency," Nim Kidd, chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management, said. "By bringing together officials from around the state to continue to improve our emergency response, we can better protect Texans whenever and wherever disaster strikes."

Topics covered at the conference include school safety, public health, ambulance response safety, law enforcement support, fire management, hurricane evacuations and hazardous weather preparations, among others. Representatives from more than 30 agencies on the Governor's Emergency Management Council are scheduled to attend, along with officials from local, state and national governments, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, Texas Military Forces, voluntary organizations and private sector partners. Officials from higher education, public education, healthcare, border and port security, transportation and cyber security are also scheduled to attend.

The 2011 Texas Emergency Management Conference combines presentations and workshops from the Texas Hurricane Conference and Texas Homeland Security Conference into one event that runs from April 26-29.

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