Project Tornado

  VIDEO: Project Tornado Live with Mark Scirto

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto has been taking his Project Tornado program into East Texas schools for more than 30 years, teaching students about safety during severe weather and how to stay prepared.

2020 Project Tornado Booklet

Witnesses recall recording tornado touching down in Canton

  NWS confirms two tornados: Supercell in San Augustine

  VIDEO: Project Tornado Live with Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto

2019 Project Tornado Booklet

KIDSTORM: Learn more about tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and storm chasing

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Web weather for kids

County Map

  WATCH: Project Tornado live on East Texas Now

Enhanced Fujita Scale

The Difference Between Tornado Watches And Tornado Warnings

Tornado Safety

Facts About Tornadoes

Don't be unprepared.  Here are some interesting facts, myths, and ways to prepare for tornadoes.

What to do during a tornado

Here are some tips for seeking shelter if you're under a tornado warning.