Mountain lion gets trapped in California home

The young cat was stressed, so it took a nap in the bathroom.

  20 arrested following rash of robberies in downtown Minneapolis

Recent brutal robberies around downtown Minneapolis have many people on edge.

  US oil prices spike after Saudi Arabia attack

An attack on a major global supplier of oil is having a major impact on gas prices here at home.

  Israel votes in second general election in 5 months

Tuesday's vote marks their second showdown of the year between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz.

  Violent robbery caught on camera

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  Missing mom found dead, husband arrested

A warrant was issued for Michael Jones' arrest early Monday after the body of his wife, Casei Jones, was found near Brunswick, Georgia.

  GM auto workers go on strike

  Northwest Florida's local lizard takeover: Thank you, Hurricane Michael

Local folks are noticing more lizards than usual. The population is booming.

  Auto workers striking say they want fair treatment

Tamara Abney, a striking GM assembly plant worker, is a third-generation GM employee.

  Veterinarians face high suicide rate

A variety of stressors are being blamed for the suicide rate in the profession.

  Auto workers walk off job at GM factories across US

  Arrest made in synagogue arson

  Sleeping woman swallows wedding ring in Calif.

  Florida teen charged in music video threats

  Valuable golden toilet hasn't been recovered, authorities say

Thames Valley Police said investigations continue into the theft of the golden potty, an art piece called "America."

  GRAPHIC: Possible blood thrown at California Senate in anti-vaccination protest

The California Senate had to stop their session Friday evening after a protester threw a red liquid from the upstairs gallery onto the legislative floor.

  Montana woman uses hair dryer to stop speeders

A grandmother in Montana is now an honorary state trooper after using a hair dryer as a fake police speeding radar. (Source: Tim Baumgartner/KPAX/CNN)

  Bahamas brace for tropical storm

  Veteran tells Sanders: ‘I’m going to kill myself’

  Ex-NFL player staged hate crime, police say

  Yak on the run | Video: Orchard House Bed and Breakfast

Video from Orchard House Bed and Breakfast in Lovingston, Va.