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  Many suffer with post-COVID syndrome

A new study suggests even those with mild COVID cases may feel some symptoms months later.

  US closer to first single-dose COVID vaccine

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective, FDA analysis finds.

  COVID-19 vaccine makers pledge 240M doses by end of March

  White House COVID briefing: States to get 14.5 million doses

“States will now receive 14.5 million doses this week, up from 8.6 million doses per week when the President took office," Jen Psaki, press secretary.

  Biden honors 500K+ killed by COVID

  US mourns 500,000 COVID deaths as relief bill moves ahead

  World Health Organization wants deeper look at COVID-19

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  2 Florida women dressed as grannies for vaccine

  Weather delays create COVID-19 vaccine shipping backlog

  Winter storms slow COVID-19 vaccinations amid variant concerns

  DMV mistakenly issues woman license with face mask photo

  Extreme weather freezes pandemic progress

  "Don't get complacent": A warning as vaccine goalpost moves

  Biden admin's push for COVID relief

  White House press briefing on increasing vaccine supply

President Joe Biden’s administration is increasing coronavirus vaccine supplies sent to states to 13.5 million doses per week.

  Smartphone antigen test to be sold by Kroger

Kroger plans to sell a smartphone-enabled, at-home COVID-19 antigen test once it's approved by the FDA.

  Vaccine manufacturers face supply challenges

  COVID-19 halts Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans

  Severe winter weather impacting COVID-19 vaccine rollout

  What to know about pharmacy vaccines

One million doses of the coronavirus vaccine were sent to about 6,500 pharmacies last week.

  COVID: New variants put pressure on states to vaccinate people

A closer look at Alabama's efforts to get coronavirus vaccines to rural and urban areas in the state.

  More than 50 million coronavirus vaccines administered in US

  COVID: Prediction says 600K US deaths by June 1

  WATCH: Dr. Ed Dominguez and Dr. Theresa Patton answer questions about COVID-19

Dr. Ed Dominguez, an infectious disease specialist, joins East Texas Now to answer your questions about COVID-19.

  Most Americans will be vaccine eligible in April

A new timeline has been laid out on when all Americans, not just those in higher priority groups, will likely be eligible to get the coronavirus vaccine.