Teddy Bear Mania

The seniors at colonial manner retirement home are all keeping busy these days making teddy bears. These grandmas and grandpas spend their days stuffing these little bears to give away to local police departments, women's shelters, and crisis centers. The bears are then given to children in need.

"So many of the kids don't have anything ," says Ruby Owen. "So we do it for them."

For months, they've been stuffing bear after bear.

"They are made with lots of love and care," says Tomie McComb who helps make the bears.

Activity Director Cindy Horsely says the teddy bears mean a lot to both the kids and the seniors. "Teddy bears have a universal language of hugs love and comfort and it makes us feel good to do it."

And they all hope making these bears helps children throughout East Texas.

"I think it just takes one person to make a difference and there are many of us and we are making a difference."