Bike bandit strikes in front of church

By Layron Livingston - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - He lost his job, his car went dead and then his bike, his only source of transportation, was stolen.

Jeffery Wolfe, who is surprisingly in good spirits, is determined to keep going with or without wheels.

"I'd take it and I'd put it around this big ol' concrete pillar right here. The bicycle would be here, with a big ol' master lock on it," explained Wolfe.

He is talking about his mountain bike.

"And it was always fine here," he continued.

He said his purple Pacific quick silver mountain bike was a Christmas gift from his parents. Wolfe said he was laid off about a year ago.

"I used that bicycle. I had to go all around Tyler to find work."

He used the bike because his car quit working back in November.

"Great enough to carry my big ol' body," he laughed. "I ride sometimes to the catholic church."

But this past Tuesday his world was rocked again.

"I was heartbroke. I mean, I almost started crying to tell you the truth. I mean, I know it's just a bike, but that's all I got."

Wolfe said that around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon, he came to the bus stop, on Front Street and Broadway, tied his bike around one of the poles and later that afternoon when he came back, his bike, was gone.

"Somebody stole my bike! In front of a church, too," he laughed at the irony.

The lock was picked and the cable was left lying on the ground. Talk about being dealt a bad hand.

"Guess I got two bad hands full," he laughed.

Now, he's hoping to get back on his feet.

"Good Lord's looking over me anyway. I'm not really that concerned."

Jeffery said he did file a police report and the theft is now being investigated by Tyler Police.