Police search for suspect on crime spree

By Molly Reuter - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

The search for a suspected robber is heating up, especially now. Police say during a conversation with his parole officer, aaron muse said that "he would not go down without a fight." Police now need your help tracking him down to end his alleged tri-county crime spree.

The surveillance video showed his "m-o". It portrays man wearing a black ski mask and gloves, walking into the store, pointing a silver gun at the clerk and demanding the cash.

"He nonchalantly walked in there and robbed her like he had been doing that as his business," said Capitan Joyce Box with the Mineola Police department.

Captain Box believes the man behind the mask is thirty-eight year-old Aaron Muse, of Tyler. Box says that around 9 pm, a week ago, Muse robbed a mobile station on highway 80 in Mineola.

"Basically told her that he knew that there was more money and if she didn't give it to her, he'd kill her," said the captain.

She said that during the robbery, the suspect steps out of the store when another car drives up, scares them off and returns for the cash drawer. She says he later fired his gun toward the car. Police say this was not Muse's first stop.

"[I] don't quite know the motive. [I] don't understand, exactly what's driving him to commit the robberies," said sgt. Chad Mcelyea with Lindale PD.

He said that about an hour before heading to Mineola, Muse was involved in another armed robbery at the Family Dollar store on 69. Aggravated robbery warrants have now been issued out of Lindale and Mineola. Muse is also wanted for evading arrest in Tyler and violating his parole.

Police in Athens are also looking for Muse who is suspected for holding up the Brookshire's gas station on 31, but it's not just his alleged actions which have police concerned. Muse told his parole officer that he was not going back alive.

Police say no one was hurt during either incident, but they do consider muse armed and dangerous. A reward for up to one thousand dollars is being offered for information leading to Muse's arrest.