Update: Gas line explosion in Hopkins Co. is now capped

A gas line explosion in north Hopkins County has now been capped, that's according to officials at the scene.

The explosion happened shortly after 10 o'clock this morning.

Several fire departments responded to the fire off county road 47-66 where fire officials tell us a construction crew was repairing the gas line.

Firefighters say during the repair, the gas line was cut, which then caught the construction worker's equipment on fire.

One worker had to be pulled from the fire, but we're told he only suffered minor injuries.

"The gas company was here, local helping the construction company, so they were able to shut the gas off, and the only thing that was burning was the equipment that caught fire, so the gas was shut off immediately after the incident," said Hopikins County Fire Chief, Carl Nix.

Earlier, the sheriff's department  told us they were ordering an evacuation of the area of county road 4766 because the gas, something called "h2s" gas, is very volatile, and explosive.   It turns out, no one lived in close enough proximity of the leak to be threatened.

Officials tell us the injured construction worker was taken to Parkland Hospital in Dallas as a precaution.