Jessup Aims To Improve on World Record

Seventy-two-year old Gerald Jessup of Flint already set one world record.

But Gerald says it wasn't good enough.

So, he's going to try it again. 

KLTV 7 Sports first introduced you to the motorcycle enthusiast last year. He went to Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah and broke the 500cc displacement record, with a new world record of 86.845 miles per hour in the timed event.

Gerald made the run on his classic 1951 Triumph, even after having engine and ignition problems. He's heading back to Bonneville next week to improve on his record to make sure no one else can break it.

"You have to keep on doing what you want to do," Gerald said. "So, just one more time. It's dangerous but I don't live for danger, I don't like danger. I don't like being hurt, but sometimes you get hurt. But it's worth it you know?"

Gerald will be in Bonneville, September 2-5. KLTV 7 Sports will have regular updates on his progress.