Compromise Sends Tyler Fastpitch To Faulkner Park

Tyler girls softball will have a new home.

As KLTV Sports reported last month, Tyler Fastpitch had been having serious problems with security and field conditions in their current home at Fun Forest Park. Thursday, Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass announced plans to convert one of the baseball fields at Faulkner Park into three softball fields for the Fastpitch league.

The city will repurpose Field One at Faulkner Park, ultimately dividing it into three softball fields. The city said that Field One has very little consistent use, and redoing an existing field will allow the city to make the changes quickly.

"Obviously, it's not a perfect situation, but it's the best we can do at this point with the dollars we have," Mayor Bass said. "It does meet the needs of Fastpitch and little league at Faulkner Park, and gives them the use of their fields."

Bass also said the new setup will be easier on families.

"We have parents that have been running themselves ragged going from one side of town to the other, or one parent taking one child and another one the other child. Having the convenience of the girls and boys at one park was certainly a consideration."

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