Jackson's Bonds Reduced; Trial To Begin August 15th

Just yesterday, Smith County Constable Henry Jackson was re-arrested, and his bond set at over a million dollars.

Today, it was re-set to half that amount.

This morning, attorneys on both sides of the case agreed to lower the Constable's bond to $75,000 for each charge.

Yesterday, Jackson's defense team filed a motion to have the bonds on 7 felony charges reduced.

His attorneys say they've always been too high - but they say the bonds weren't the only things excessive in this case.

"I think that the procedure, all the process in this particular case has been unusual at best," said Michael Todd, Henry Jackson's attorney. "Number one, you don't see the type of bond levels set as we had in this case...We've had this violation as it relates, or alleged violation and we think that's kind of dubious as it relates to whether there's actually been a violation of the law or not."

"We had discussed the possibility of an agreement yesterday. It's very possible they knew they were going to approach me about an agreement and just wanted to get a taste of our evidence," said Tonda Curry, the special prosecutor in Jackson's case. "That's not a bad strategy...that's just a strategy lawyers use."

Jackson's trial is scheduled to begin August 15th.