Bad Marks With Inspectors At 4 East Texas Restaurants

At La Michoacana in Tyler, it wouldn't have done any good to keep the meat in the storage cooler, as it wasn't keeping things cold enough.

Which may have led to the inspector having to toss out nearly 3,000 pounds of raw beef, pork, chicken and some dairy products.

There was no soap at the hand-washing sink and cooked food in the deli was not properly labeled with dates and times.

Total demerits: 24

Down the street at the Donut Palace on Beckham, the inspector noticed an employee working witthout properly washing their hands, rodent droppings were found in the cabinet under the microwave, and foods were not properly labeled with prep times.

There, the inspector noted 21 demerits.

The inspector was a little sad at Happy Donuts in Lindale.

Babies' toys were found in food prep area, and raw-shelled eggs were being stored above ready-to-eat food combining that with kolaches and pigs in the blanket not properly labeled yielded 18 demerits.

And back in Tyler, at the Sonic drive-in on Gentry.

Raw bacon and grilled chicken patties were being kept at too warm a temperature.

And sausage and eggs were not warm enough.

Improper dish-washing procedure also had to be corrected, which added up to 17 demerits.

Layron Livingston, Reporting