Aryan Brotherhood Member Arrested In Owentown

He went to wake up a motel guest, but had no idea it would lead to the arrest of a Texas Aryan Brotherhood member.

34-year old Tracy Benson Ledbetter was found in an Owentown motel Wednesday with a roll of duct tape, meth paraphenellia, stolen IDs and credit cards.

The Aryan Brotherhood is a white supremacist prison gang who originally formed to protect whites against blacks in prison.

It all started in the 1960s in California's San Quentin State Prison, and began operating here in Texas in the 70s.

Once a member, you're in for life, and the Brotherhood has been linked to gangs like the Mexican Mafia and the KKK.

Tracy Ledbetter is a 'brother' who lives in Tyler.

He was just arrested last month by Tyler police on several charges, including having a switchblade and knuckles, both prohibited weapons.

The gang is linked to heinous crimes, including the brutal murder of Breanna Taylor of Mansfield, Texas.

Friends say Taylor got mixed up with the brotherhood.

In 2006, several members were accused of killing her by torturing Taylor, electrocuting and pouring acid on her body and then strangling her.

Smith County constable John Smith made Ledbetter's arrest.

Ledbetter is being held in the Smith County Jail on credit card abuse and fraudulent use of identifying information.

KLTV 7 spoke to the FBI, but they could not speak to gang activity here in east Texas.

Also, Constable Smith who arrested Ledbetter Wednesday was unavailable for comment today as well.

Courtney Lane, reporting.