SPCA, Marion County Sheriff Rescues 60 Dogs

Under the authority of the Marion County Sheriff's Department, the SPCA of Texas has today seized around 60 dogs this morning from a property in Lone Star, in Marion County.

Barbara Holz, who apparently owns the animals, was arrested by Marion County officials this morning. She had apparently been squatting on the property and may also face charges for that offence.

The trailer on the property that Ms. Holz was living in was so urine-soaked that it maxed out the ammonia detector at 99 parts per million (ppm).

For reference, when ammonia levels reach 25 ppm, the environment becomes hazardous to human health.

The SPCA went out and viewed the property on Wednesday, where they found animals who appeared to be suffereing from hair loss and eye discharge, according to the SPCA.