Update: 2 Dead In Apparent Smith County Murder-Suicide

Authorities are calling it a murder-suicide. A Smith County man beats his wife to death with a baseball bat, then hangs himself.

Smith County deputies found the bodies of 41 year olds Fernando and Maria Alvarado in a shop in the backyard of their home in Owentown. That's near the intersection of Highway 155 and 271.

Authorities responded to a call from Fernando Alvarado's father-in-law, who was asked by Alvarado to come over.

Officials say when he showed up, he found a note from Fernando on the door apologizing for his actions.

Neighbors say from the outside, they seemed like a picture perfect couple.

"We would see them outside, working in the yard," said Vanessa Snider, who lives across the street. "[They were] just a nice, normal couple."

"They were the process of divorce proceedings, and he was subject to be getting papers either today, or tomorrow, and that might have been what pushed him over the edge," said Justice of the Peace Mitch Shamburger.

The father-in-law also found the couple's young son inside the home. We do not yet know if he witnessed the incident.

Layron Livingston, reporting. llivingston@kltv.com