Cancer, Thefts and House Fire - An East Texas Couple Needs Your Help

A fire at the home of an east Texas couple has destroyed everything they own and now they need your help.

On Saturday, the duplex of Keith and Phyllis Phillips was almost burned to the ground.

And as KLTV 7's Lakecia Shockley shows you, that was just one of many troubles for this east Texas couple.

"You know that saying it's here one day and it's gone the next day. I do understand that."

For Keith and Phyllis Phillips, there isn't much left of the home they worked so hard to get.

Phyllis is deaf in one ear, and didn't even know her house was on fire until her husband woke her up.

"I really do just thank God each and every day that he was here because with my hearing loss, I wouldn't be standing here today," she told us.

To make matters worse...Phyllis has breast cancer, and was scheduled to have surgery two days after her house burned down.

"We were able to salvage some of my clothes, but the next day that we came back to get them somebody had broke in and stole my clothes, so I lost everything."

Carolyn Hachquet works with Phyllis at Sitel Communications in Longview.

Since the fire, Sitel co-workers have done what they can to help, but they are hoping for more help from generous east Texans.

"As a company we're reaching out and we're asking that anything that companies can do, we have furniture for them but we don't have a place to put it," Carolyn said. "I guess they're biggest need right now is a place to live...Phyllis and Keith are giving people. You know, there are givers out there and there are takers, but these people are always giving."

Giving people who've found themselves in desperate need.

A fund has been set up for Phyllis and Keith at Wood Forrest National Bank.

There's a branch located in the Tyler Wal-Mart Super Center on Highway 64 and the Loop.

Another branch is in Longview at the Gilmer Road Wal-Mart.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.