Internet Giant Forcing Small Business Under Big Hat To Change Name

When Valerie Smith opened Yahooz first hat in February 2006, she thought her biggest challenge would be letting people know they are a lot more than coffee.

"It turns out our biggest challenge is keeping our name," said Valerie Smith. "Yahoo the internet company has protested not only our name but our logo."

29 days into the 30 days allowed for a trademark protest, Yahoo has been giving Yahooz a run for their money.

Valerie thinks the internet giant is picking on her small business because of their their desire to go nationwide

"We have been outspoken about the fact that we would like to franchise," said Valerie.

But Valerie thinks she has a solution.

"We've gone back to our customers and our community and said if we needed to change our name and what would you like to see it to be," said Valerie. "And so we started a contest to try and come up with a new name."

All you need are one of their white 'David Versus Goliath' cards. Go by any of the three locations (Tyler, Gresham, Whitehouse) and fill it out. Valerie says she wants something unique and catchy so that they can continue manufacturing smiles with every cup.

The winner of the contest will get a month's worth of free beverages. The contest ends Monday, and you can also enter your idea on their web site.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.