Restaurant Reports: Smith County, Longview Bad

Three wasn't the magic number for health inspectors this time around, because three restaurants in both Smith County and Longview just couldn't cut it.

KLTV 7 News' Layron Livingston tells us why in tonight's Restaurant Report.

Tonight's report starts on Front Street in Tyler at Margarita's. It's where the inspector found rice being held at an unsafe temperature. An employee was also seen rinsing their hands in a bucket of detergent water. Burritos were wrapped by staffmembers with their bare hands, and food in the fridge was not properly labeled with prep times and dates. All that, and an inaccessible handsink yielded 26 demerits.

Over in Arp, Leo's Burger Barn came up a little short. Baked potatoes were not properly cooled, and toxic rodent pellets not approved for use were in use. The inspector thought the whole place needed a deep cleaning, and no thermometers were available to test food temperatures. Total demerits, 25.

Back in Tyler, at Taqueria Corona, cooked rice and chorizo was not hot enough, and employees were seen handling limes, lettuce, and tortillas with their bare hands.  There was also too much dried food on some of the utensils being used. That all added up to 17 demerits.

In Longview, it was the raw shrimp and beans at Amigo's Buffet that caught the inspector's attention, as well as eggs and cheese at the salad bar being held at an unsafe temperature. Potatoes and chicken fajitas were too cold, not to mention the roaches, and gnats. Amigo's befriended 19 demerits.

When the Dairy Queen on Marshall Avenue was last inspected the inspector noted the milk and chicken were being held at too warm a temp, and the onions and some salad dressing were spoiled. Roaches were spotted in some of the trays, and there was mold in on the soda fountain nozzles. It was enough for the inspector to demerit them 18 points.

A trip to the Dairy Queen on Gilmer Road wasn't too pleasant for the inspector either. Milk, chicken and sour cream was being kept at an unsafe temperature, and insulation was found on top of open drinking cups.

Combining those violation with an out of temp walk-in-freezer prompted the inspector to demerit the Dairy Queen 18 points.

Layron Livingston, Reporting