Ratepayers Alliance Protests New SWEPCO Plant

SWEPCO wants to build a new billion dollar power plant out of state - and a group of east Texas business owners want to stop them.

The Texas Electrical Ratepayers Alliance met today to voice their opposition to SWEPCO's new Turk power plant in Arkansas.

According to the group, SWEPCO would raise prices on their customers to fund a plant that, the group says, is not wanted.

"This can be very difficult to swallow, and what makes it even worse its for a plant the PUC staff and a third party judge said is not needed to serve the businesses and residents that live here in longview and service region for SWEPCO," Eric Bearse, the alliance spokesperson.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas will review the SWEPCO's plan on the Turk plant at their next meeting on July 3rd.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting. lshockley@kltv.com