Dogs Rescued From Longview Home Need Your Help

20 animals seized from an east Texas home are fighting to survive and the Humane Society needs your help.

Right now, the animals are being nursed back to heath at the Northeast Texas Humane Society in Longview.

Since KLTV 7's report of the animals rescue last week, one dog has died from hookworms.

And, six of the animals have tested positive for heartworms. Now, the Humane Society is in the process of finding shelters for the animals.

"We have a lot of rescue groups that have contacted us and told us that they are interested in taking the animals from us. A little over half of them has already been spoken for. So, we're hoping to get the rest done, too," Angela Spurlock, the operations manager of the Humane Society said.

If you'd like to help these animals, contact the Northeast Texas Humane Society.

Lakecia Shockley, reporting.