Does It Work: Craft-Lite Cutter

By Joe Terrell

Over the years, Does It Work has tested cleaners, cookers, and many things to get rid of unsightly hair, but never have we tested a paper cutter - so we found a new 'As Seen On TV' variety to see if it makes the cut.

The Craft-Lite Cutter claims to be the world's first paper cutter with a built in backlight. But, that's not why we bought it. The six interchangeable decorative cutting heads is what really intrigued us. It's supposed to be great for scrapbookers.

Three AA batteries power the light inside, and the LEDs do put out quite a bit of light. After checking those out, we took a look at the interchangeable blades. They allow you to cut a straight cut, a perforated cut, and one isn't a blade at all - the fold cartridge just makes a fold in the paper. It also has a wavy edge blade - which is kind of cool - along with a postage stamp edge and a zig zag edge.

The blades slide on the guide easily. Just turn on the light, and you can see exactly where the blade is going to cut, before you cut.

We drew a straight line, placed the paper on the cutter and, thanks the light underneath, we were able to cut right down the line we drew. We also tried it on thicker laser paper - and it worked perfectly. A photograph? Again, perfect.

We tried out the zig-zag blade and the wavy blade, and they succesfully added a little flair to our trial piece of paper. Even the folding blade worked well, scoring the paper down the middle without cutting it at all. We also tested the perforated blade - again, a success.

Scrapbooking or not, everyone could use one of these from time to time. Does it work? We give the Craft-Lite Cutter a yes.

We bought the Craft-Lite Cutter at CVS for $20.00.

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