CIty To Install Flashing Yellow Arrow Signal At Kinsey And Loop 323

The City of Tyler Traffic Engineering Department is installing the City's fifth "Flashing Yellow Arrow" (FYA) turn signal at the intersection of Kinsey and Loop 323 on Wednesday, June 23.  The phasing applies to the east-west direction at the intersection.

The FYA left turn phasing indicates the following:

  • Red Ball = STOP!
  • A Solid Yellow Arrow = Warns drivers that the left-turn signal is about to turn red and they should prepare to stop, or complete the turn if they are in the intersection.
  • A Flashing Yellow Arrow = Turns are permitted, after yielding to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. (Oncoming traffic has a green light.)
  • Green Arrow = Safe to turn left.

The use of FYA signals resulted from a recommendation from the Tyler 21 planning committee focused on traffic congestion. The signals are proven to be safer and are expected to ease traffic delays.

A comprehensive seven year study undertaken by the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP)(Project 3-54) found that the FYA was the best overall alternative to the circular green as the permissive signal display for left-turn movement.  Additionally, drivers experienced less confusion resulting in fewer crashes because there is a clear distinction between when motorists are protected from oncoming traffic and when they must yield to oncoming traffic.

Research conducted by the University of Massachusetts with assistance from the Texas Transportation Institute shows that drivers make better decisions with the Flashing Yellow Arrow signals.  When drivers make a mistake deciding when to turn, it is more likely that there will be a collision with the traditional green ball than with the FYA signal.

"When a driver misinterprets the FYA, they tend to not turn when they could," said City Traffic Engineer Kirk Houser, P.E.  "When a driver misinterprets the traditional green ball signal, they tend to turn when they shouldn't - which is much more dangerous."