Texas Asthma Camp Fun For Kids, Relief For Parents

About 75 kids are having the week of their lives.

The kids, who all have asthma, are enjoying summer camp this week without their parents fretting.

The Texas Asthma Camp For Kids offers an opportunity for campers to have fun while learning more about their disease and medications.

The children are participating in all sorts of activities like shooting guns, bow and arrows, fishing, swimming and more.

Sadavion Matthews, a ten year old camper, said, "When I got here the first day I was kinda nervous. And like....in a few days I met friends and we started doing activities like fishing, shooting guns.

Makhila Sims, 10, a first year camper, said "It's been fun because I didn't know that many so many kids had asthma. I get to express how I feel about my asthma.

And Sheldon McGowan said, "Camp is so much fun. I wish I could come here after I was 14. I'm going be the camp director one day. Yeah!"

Financial assistance for many kids to attend camp was funded by the Texas Chest Foundation.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com