A Better East Texas: Presidential Stage is Set

Well the stage is set.  John McCain versus Barack Obama.  And you have to make a choice.  Many of us already have.  But whether you are ready to vote today or you are still undecided, you have a responsibility.

That responsibility is to know where your candidate stands on the issues critical to our country.  I urge everyone to learn where Obama and McCain stand on these critical issues.

Choosing a president based only on the fact that he has an electrifying presence or that he has decades of experience and service is the wrong way to decide.  You owe it to our country to see where these men stand on the issues.

And finding that out has never been easier thanks to the internet.  On-line you can check out each candidates website and see exactly what their position is on issues like immigration, social security, the war on terror, the economy and others.

I visited both of these websites and I was surprised by what I discovered on a few issues.

We have set up links from our website and I would like to hear back from you on what you discover and together we'll make a informed decisions and a Better East Texas.