Canton Boy's Birthday Wish Comes True

Volunteer firefighters and The Make A Wish Foundation made a young Canton boy's birthday wish come true.  Cole Burgett wanted a swimming pool and The Make A Wish Foundation made that a reality Sunday.  Born with a traumatic brain injury resulting in cerebral palsy, doctors gave Cole only three years to live, but this weekend he's celebrating his 9th birthday.

"He's defeated all odds, and it's just a miracle from God," said Cole's mother Kim Burgett.  "It's absolutely amazing to have a child like this.  People don't understand.  They want to say it's a tragedy and it's not, it's the biggest blessing we'll ever know.  The Make A Wish Foundation is absolutely amazing.  If anyone wants to give to make a wish it does things for children like this."  Cole's parents said he was surprised and very excited when they built the pool.

ourtney Lane, Reporting