Byrd Family Marks Ten Year Anniversary Of Dragging Death

It's been ten years since a man from Jasper was dragged to death three miles simply because he was black.  Today, the family of James Byrd Junior held a special ceremony to remember their slain family member.  Three white men were convicted in the gruesome June 1998 attack.  Two remain on death row, the other is serving a life sentence.  In the last decade the Byrd family has made it their mission to promote racial healing.

"We try to take something so tragic happening and hopefully help someone else so no one will have to deal with horror that we have go through every day," said Byrd's sister, Louvan Byrd.

"The community of Jasper came together after the death of James Byrd, Jr.," said Byrd's sister, Clara Byrd.  "This gives them an opportunity to once again come together as one to unite in the fight against racism."

Local civic leaders say the killing forced the people of Jasper to confront their prejudices.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.