'A Child Is Missing' System In Place To Help Find Your Family Members

When a child is missing, everyone wants to pitch in and help. And, thanks to a nationwide organization called 'A Child Is Missing' you can do just that.

Local law enforcement agencies are using the recorded message program to locate missing children and elderly with message phone calls that can be made in minutes.

Kltv 7 News met with local authorities, and one family who says this program helped find their missing boy.

"I was really glad they found him because I lost my mind."

Four year old Keymonn wandered off last June. His great grandmother, Emma McGowan said he was found a few blocks away, but she didn't know it.

"Somebody found him and they called the policeman and the policemen went and tried to find out what child it was."

Tyler Police used 'A Child Is Missing' alert in the opposite way it was created.

They sent a phone message to the area saying a boy had been found.

Tyler Police Chief Gary Swindle explains. "Across the county we have children that come up missing everyday. Sometimes they are just missing cause they wander off, other times they are abducted. The important thing is getting the word out. "

Tyler Police have had the free telephone message program for over a year. They hosted a training session today for other area law enforcement agencies. 11 attended - Overton, Kilgore and Gregg counties, to name a few. "The quicker we are notified, the quicker the public is notified the quicker the better chance it is the child is found safely."

This system is different from the Amber Alert, but Swindle says they can be used effectively together.

"One uses statewide billboard, it uses communication through law enforcement network and teletype network, where a child is missing basically uses phone calls and uses citizens. And basically we know in law enforcement eyes and ears of the public are our citizens."

Using the eyes and ears that connected Emma to her grandson, to connect you to your missing family and loved ones.

Danielle Capper / dcapper@kltv.com