Pro Player Torres Entertains Pine Tree Elementary

Longview's Jose Francisco Torres is a pro soccer player, which to adults is pretty impressive.

However, for 6 and 7 year olds, the most impressive thing they found today was Jose's ability to bounce the ball on his head.

Jose dropped by Pine Tree Elementary school Friday to talk to the kids. Jose is a midfielder who plays for the champion team of Pachuca in the Mexican Premier Division. His students were big fans of the game.

"We actually get to run a lot," first grader Sinuhe Avila said, "I have a lot of energy. At home, in my backyard, what else can I do? Just run around like a loco kid? So I decided to start opracticing for soccer.

"I always had the dream when I was little," Torres said, "that someone would come to my school and teach us how to play soccer, so I'm glad to do it."

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