7-Year-Old Diabetic Girl Donates Hair To Locks Of Love

An East Texas girl decided that other people's needs are greater than her own. So, she's got a hair cut, and not just any hair cut.

7 year-old Shadda Botkin is donating ten inches of her long and beautiful hair to Locks of Love. The idea came from a hospital visit. Shadda was diagnosed with diabetes at age 5. Recently, she went for a check-up at  the Children's Medical Center in Dallas. She says what she saw at the hospital made her want to share her hair to give to someone else.

"I chose to cut my hair because I saw somebody who didn't have hair and they had cancer. I hope that they grow their own hair, and they have money to get their surgery," said Shadda Botkin.

Shadda's Dad says he might miss his little girl's hair, but he is very proud of her.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting lshockley@kltv.com