Gift of Love: Destiny, 13 Years Old

Being outside is what 12 year old Destiny enjoys best. Today, with the help of Matt Clapp at Rockin' C Ranch in Lindale, she is enjoying an afternoon of horseback riding.

"They are great kids and a lot of them are in foster care because of something done to them not something they did. They just need a break and we want to help do that," says Matt Clapp.

Destiny has been in foster care since 2005, removed because of neglectful supervision but she's not letting it hold her back.

"I like sports. I like to cook and do family activities," says Destiny.

"She was a star basketball player this past season and she just finished up softball. She did really well at that sport too," says Tamara Rowe, Destiny's foster mom.

Destiny also plays the clarinet. "It's fun, we get to play fun music and we get to march and in a couple of weeks we're going on a band trip to Splash Kingdom," says Destiny.

She is an average student but strives for A's and is eager for help and guidance. Tamara says, "Destiny plays hard and works hard."

While visiting with Destiny, it's easy to see that she's a determined a young lady. Although described as quite and shy, she knows she wants the stability of a forever family.

"I don't want to move again. It's hard cause you get separated from your mother and dad," says Destiny.

Destiny uses adversity in her life to help her stay positive. She may especially need that in just a couple of weeks when she turns 13.  I asked her, "Are you going to be a nice teenager?" She replied with a big smile, "Yes!"

Tamara says, "Destiny is just a beautiful young lady with lots of talents and abilities and a lot of interests and she's not afraid to tackle new tasks. I enjoyed every minute of having her in our home."

And Destiny has enjoyed every minute of this horseback ride, just one of the opportunities offered here at this Christian camp.  A camp that may even change her life beyond today.

Matt says, "You get them out of their environment out here and we pair them with a great counselor, great environment and it's just so wholesome and they just realize for the first time in their lives that God has a blueprint for their life and they have to make choices to accomplish the goals and there are consequences for choices good or bad."

And as Destiny rides off into the sunset, she is now better prepared to make those choices while waiting for the Gift of Love.

Rockin' C Ranch is open to all children but Matt Clapp wants to extend a special offer to foster children. This summer he is giving 25 scholarships for foster children to attend one of his camps.  For more information on the scholarships call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-kids-275. That is also the number to call for more information on Destiny and other children available for adoption in East Texas.

In Lindale, Gillian Sheridan Reporting