Job Experts Advise Summer Job Seekers To Apply Early

Sandra Taylor directs the East Texas Workforce center in Longview. Taylor says that even though the economy is unsteady and gas prices are high, summer job seekers still have a chance.

"If it's money in the budget for businesses to hire extra help in the summer, it's right now. The economy in East Texas is in really good shape. This is the time for kids needing summer jobs to actually go out and start applying for them. They don't need to wait," Taylor said.

Whataburger fast food restaurant hires dozens of workers in the summer, but right now even though the job openings are there, the seekers aren't.

"The biggest problem we face is keeping the positions filled. Right now we probably need 40 to 50 people in our company. As for the economy, that's not our concern right now. With the job market - the minimum wage increase might affect us a little bit come July, but we just need all the workers we can get now," said Douglas Edwards, Director of Operations for Whataburger.

Experts say bottom line jobs are here in East Texas and job seekers should take advantage, since employers don't know what the rest of the summer may bring.

"With the change in the economy, business budgets could start to get a little tight. So, I would definitely encourage youth to go out right now and start applying," said Taylor.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting