Helping A Vietnam Veteran Battling Cancer

A fish fry and auction was organized Saturday to help a Vietnam Veteran who is battling cancer. Lenard Holster of Pine Mills, is a decorated veteran who served three tours in Vietnam.  Holster was diagnosed with lung and esophageal cancer.  Saturday, his family organized a fundraiser to help pay for his medical expenses, and they said hundreds of East Texans donated items.

"He's a brother," said Assistant Veterans Services Officer Karl Little.  "It doesn't matter if the person walked before you, after you, or with you, you know he's a brother.  You've got to take care of them.  Working down there at the Veterans Services Office, you get so many that come in and need something, and they really do need it, but they don't fit the qualifications."  A little more than $2,000 was raised for Holster.  If you would like to help, call the VFW Post 7211 at 903-592-7320.

Courtney Lane, Reporting