East Texans Scramble To Get Cars Repaired From Hail Damage

Dents, dings, and shattered glass. Hundreds of cars took a beating from Tuesday night's hailstorm.

"It started coming down and it sounded like war really," said Sabra Spence, whose SUV received hail damage.

At auto glass shops, phones were ringing off the hook.

"A lot of broken back glasses, several broken windshields, a few broken mirrors," said Eddy Moose, owner of Moose Auto Glass in Tyler.

Paint and Body shops were slammed as well.

"We've received 62 assignments this morning from hail damage," said Colby Bruce, sales manager at Davis Green Paint and Body in Tyler.  "When we get these storms like this it will load a shop up."

"I saw the damage and I was just sick," said Spence.  "It happened so fast."

Spence is one of many East Texans having to now file a claim with an insurance company.

"He came back, assessed the damage, then took pictures," said Spence.

"They (insurance companies) are sending in what they call their cat teams that handle storms like this," said Bruce.  "They come in and they'll appraise homes and vehicles."

"We've had several customers that actually, the hail was so big it came through their windshield," said Nancy Bowen, insurance agent with Allstate.  "We had one lady, it landed in her lap, while she was driving."

Good business for auto repair shops but a headache for many East Texas drivers.

Davis Green Paint and Body told us they're seeing damages ranging from 3,000 to 9,000 dollars.

Courtney lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com