The Pugh Connection: KLTV 7 Investigates

When Larry Pugh was indicted last February.  One of his accusers was an unidentified woman with the initials T.R.

Those are the same initials as Terri Reyes, an Athens woman who went missing last May and whose body was found in the Angelina National Forest in September.

The original indictment against Pugh says he sexually assaulted T.R., depriving her of her constiutional right to liberty and bodily integrity, but in the subsequent indictments, issued after Reyes went missing, T.R. is never mentioned.

The Nacogdoches attorney in a recent civil lawsuit against Pugh told us by phone he would have called Terri Reyes as a witness in the trial, but she disappeared before he had a chance.

Shunte Coleman also went missing from Jacksonville around the same time. Though she never spoke to her grandmother about Pugh, Margaret Anderson believes he might have been involved in her disappearance.

"After seeing the paper, seeing the news, hearing what was going on in Jacksonville, I just felt that there is some type of connection, but I don't know this for sure," says Anderson.

Detective Tonya Sonntag with the Jacksonville Police Department has been the lead investigator on Shunte's case, and says there is no evidence of a connection.

"None.  Speculation, but there's no evidence showing that she was a link to Larry Pugh," says Sonntag.

That's little comfort to Margaret, who is convinced her granddaughter is dead and determined to find out who's behind it.

We're told Larry Pugh has made a number of open records requests about the people and information involved in his cases. Those reports have been denied under the Freedom of Information Act.

Pugh is still facing criminal charges in Cherokee County, and is serving a ten year prison sentence.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: