Longview House Makeover Past First Phase

An extreme house makeover in Longview by Letourneau University students has achieved its first phase.  Where once a house on Morgan St. with crumbling walls and ceilings stood, now there is new ground and a new hope, and an act of faith.

"It's definitely very important for us to do it because of how Christ first loved us and showed compassion and we wanted to show that compassion to others," said project team member and 19-year-old Letourneau freshman Joe Carroll.

All the remnants of the old house have been swept away now and the ground has been prepared for a foundation to be laid. They started with no money, no materials.

"We had nothing all we had was a vision that god had given us and faith that god would bring us through this," Carroll said.

Letourneau University's chapter of Habitat for Humanity decided to tear down the house of a physically disabled homeowner in desperate need of a new home and rebuilt in three weeks.

"The students from Letourneau their getting involved and seeing how god is working in their lives new vigor new vision, a huge blessing to see how gods worked through us," said Joe.

But soon donations of money and materials and heavy equipment began to flow in.  "It's simply amazing to see all of these students donating their time an outpouring of love so many people have donated their time and resources to make a dream a reality," said Longview pastor Kevin Johnson.

In a time of remembering resurrection,  they give credit where they say it's due.  "It's not us that's getting all these things together cause were not doing it, it's definitely faith," said Carroll.

Project leaders say they expect to have the home finished by April 29th. Three weeks from today.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.  bhallmark@kltv.com