Fireworks 101

The Smith County Fire Marshals are out making the rounds, checking firework stand operators to make sure they're doing their part to keep themselves and their customers safe.

Oren Hale is the Assistant Fire Marshal in Smith County.

He say he's a little worried about the upcoming holiday weekend, because of the dry conditions.

"We haven't had near enough rain to keep things green enough to really satisfy us that everything, that fireworks will be shot off in a safe manner that won't damage property," says Hale.

9 East Texas counties currently have a ban in place restricting the use of aerial fireworks. They are Delta, Hopkins, Franklin, Rains, Wood, Kaufman, Van Zandt, Henderson, and Cass Counties.

Fire Marshals say that ban only includes fireworks with 'sticks or fins.'

"When you're talking about an aerial firework ban, this is they type of fireworks that are banned. This is not the type of fireworks that really cause us a lot of problems," says Hale.

That's because they're designed to shoot into the air, igniting over head. They say fireworks like roman candles, sparklers and traditional firecrackers are all still legal, even if an aerial ban is in place. Only a burn ban can keep people from burning fireworks completely.

After the 60 acre fire yesterday, Smith County says enacting an emergency burn ban might not be a bad idea, but they are not ready to do anything yet.

But they are urging, if you use fireworks this weekend, do so with caution.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: