Rusk Lawyer Performs As TV Deputy

A Cherokee County Attorney has one of the most anticipated acts coming up this weekend at the Festival On The Square in Rusk.  He's  a lawyer with an "alter-ego" from classic television.

Some people in Rusk know 56 year old Larry Sinclair as a longtime real estate attorney, but more people know him as the new voice of one of the best characters in TV history, Barney Fife.

"I began to do some comedy skits when I was in high school. I dress up like Barney Fife which is about the main similarity of appearance, but try to mimic some of his styles" says Sinclair.

"Don Knotts and Andy Griffin and the shows that they did just a favorite of ordinary people " he says.

He regularly entertains people with his portrayal of the bumbling deputy and his alter-ego has made him something of a celebrity.

"Oh I just enjoy making people laugh helping people enjoy themselves, they tend to identify with it and enjoy it a lot I think" he says.

But he sometimes becomes the character he's playing by impromptu policing of local residents.   Sinclair doesn't take any pay for playing the Knott's role. He just does it for fun.
  He'll be performing three times this weekend on the courthouse square in Rusk as part of their "festival on the square".

Bob Hallmark reporting.