Former Redskin Teammates Share Memories, Laughs

Former Dallas Cowboy Michael Irvin and Washington Redskin Darrell Green were in Tyler for Texas College's athletic scholarship banquet Wednesday night and their stop in East Texas included a bit of a reunion.

KLTV Football Analyst Eric Williams is a former teammate of Darrell Green's. When the two got together, it was just like old times.

In 1991, they shared the field as teammates and friends and later champions of Super Bowl XXVI. Fifteen years later the memories for the former Washington Redskins came rushing back.

"What do you miss the most? I miss the camaraderie, not the X's and O's," Eric said to Darrell.

"I can walk in here and see you and in two seconds it's a spark cause your brain is like running through the memories, all the jokes and stuff," Darrell said.

Darrell has been out of the league for four years, Eric for 12, but talking, it seemed like they just played together yesterday.

"How many times you been in the huddle?" Eric asked.

"I didn't need to," Darrell replied. "I knew what I had to do!"

There were memories of battle scars picked up on the field and many memories of matchups in football's biggest rivalry: the Redskins versus the Cowboys.

"When we're in the mix, you're reading the newspapers and you are just frothing at the mouth and you are believing everything that's said and that you read," Eric said.

"To me it was fun," Darrell said. "We went to Dallas in fatigues. We all went to the surplus store and bought fatigues and boots."

Darrell and Eric are proof that in football, there's a brotherhood and bond that no many how years have gone by, can't be broken.

Maya Golden reporting,